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The Voight-Kampff test and you

Posted in Uncategorized by Geoffrey Morris on October 23, 2008

In class we discussed CAPTCHAs, those little speedbumps on web page registration forms that try to keep bots from signing up for accounts (typically, this involves reading some smudged words or transcribing garbled audio).  The class was charged with devising some techniques for determining whether a person they were talking to was a human, or just a sophisticated bot.


Plug it in.

Posted in Uncategorized by Geoffrey Morris on September 22, 2008

Check out these firefox plugins

You can install these to increase the functionality of your browser.

Take one for a test drive, then blog about your experience.  Did you find this plugin useful?  Were there any flaws in its design?  What task did it help you accomplish?


Posted in Uncategorized by Geoffrey Morris on September 15, 2008

Today in class we read an excerpt from Bentham’s Panopticon, a tract describing the construction of a building to allow potentially constant but unverifiable observation of its inhabitants by a guard in a central tower.

We then used search engines and social networks to see what could be found out about each other online – the type of “surveilance” that could be done by anyone, anytime.