Digital Literacy

The Mechanical Turk.

Posted in In Class, online participation by Geoffrey Morris on November 24, 2008


Continuing our journey through antiquity, we hit upon the story of the mechanical turk, a chess playing automaton peddled around the courts of Napoleon and other illustrious figures.  Oh yeah, and it turns out that it wasn’t really a robot, just an elaborate simulacrum hiding a chess-playing midget.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk website is another example of artificial artificial intelligence.  You submit a task broken into manageable chunks and offer to pay a small amount for each chunk.  Check out the students’ projects on their homepages.


Communiculture – The Hacker Ethic

Posted in In Class by Geoffrey Morris on September 3, 2008

I’ve created some spectra at

Create an avatar and weigh in with your opinion of the tenets of the Hacker Ethic, as proposed by Steven Levy.

Here’s a link to one – find the others (under computers) and post!

Should access to computers be unlimited and total?

When you’re done, take a screenshot of your avatar and post it here as a comment.